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**Meet the new Merrell College Ambassadors and Outdoor Nation Campus Outdoor Ambassadors - CLICK HERE!

**Outdoor Nation is thrilled to team up with our friends at REI in encourage our entire community to #optoutside on Black Friday, November 25th. Learn More!

**The 2016 Campus Challenge has ended.  Humboldt State University named National Outdoor Champion and Jordan L. from Wilkes University named Outsider of the Year!  Congratulations!


**Looking for funding or your park/outdoor project? Watch the webinar below and listen to Ivan with Outdoor Nation/Outdoor Foundation talk about 2016 funding opportunities:

Founding Partners

  • The North Face
  • REI Foundation
  • Take Me Fishing
  • National Park Service
  • The Conservation Fund

Outdoor Nation is an initiative of the Outdoor Foundation

Outdoor Foundation


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