Hey all, I recently purchased a pair of Vasque Wasatch hiking boots and for the most part they are great. They broke in easily, comfortable, moderately priced. They also have vibram soles, which is a plus, but after only one four-day trip, they have cracked quite badly. I actually noticed it mid-way through the third day. As far as my knowledge caries me, these boots should be more than able to withstand a hiking trip to The Winds in WY. What my real question is, how do I contact Vasque customer service? I have searched online, and come up with nothing. I must somehow be inept at searching the web. I did find a live chat service on an outdoor site, and the individual helping me seemed clueless when I mentioned Vasque boots. I also emailed the customer service of the REI store with whom I purchased the boots, asking for their help, and if they were unable to help me, if they could point me in the right direction. So far, nada. With all of that said, I was looking for some help from the outsider community.

Does anyone on ON know how I can contact Vasque customer service, or if they have a parent company to contact instead?

I appreciate all the help I can get, thank you!

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Hey Joseph,

Here is some contact info I found- http://vasque.com/contact

Also, if you purchased them from REI you can always return them there because of their 100% satisfaction guarantee which applies to everything they sell, no matter how much use it has. Just make sure you have the receipt or if you purchased it on a membership you don't need a receipt.

Hope that helps!

When I bought my hiking boots at REI, they said they were covered for life. I would just take them in to any REI store. They may try to fix them, replace the soles, or just exchange them. I wouldn't really bother with Vasque.


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