UPDATE:Hey guys, we finally updated the info on this contest. This our first challenge contest too, so thank you all for your patience. We've extended the dates for submitting entries and finalized the number of entries per person. We also have more details about the trip to the National Congress in NYC. Check out the official rules here.

Also, we're no longer asking that you upload your entries to this forum. Please submit your entries by email to smichaelson@outdoornation.org with "T-shirt Design Contest" in the subject line.

We hope these small changes and updates will make the contest more clear and more fair. We don't expect to make anymore changes, but if you still have questions or just want to talk about designs or t-shirts, this is the place.

Wear your love of Outdoor Nation on your sleeve! Create an original t-shirt design for a cool ON t-shirt that all your friends would love to wear and upload it here.

We’ll pick our top favorites and allow the other ‘Outsiders” to cast the final vote for the winner. Your winning design could be on the backs or fronts of everyone in Outdoor Nation!

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just curious, can we have multiple submissions in the contest?
Hmm... Good question! Lemme check!
Each person can have three entries.
How many colors are allowed on the shirt?
Hey Dennis, I'm not aware that colors are limited with these designs. I will look into it though and let you know for absolutely sure. My advice for now would be to design as if you could use them all. (Maybe don't plan for metallics or glow-in-the-dark inks!)
Up to 4 colors! Sorry about the misdirection.
Can you help me understand how the rewards work?
I had 500 points saved up on the previous site, did I lose them entirely?

I've been on Outdoor Nation for a long time, and have always enjoyed the incentive of great free gear!
Paul, you haven't lost your points. Whew!

Outdoor Nation is phasing out the points/rewards program though, and replacing it with challenges such as these. They'll be all sorts of fun and random ways to win gear.

We're sorting out the final details, but as soon as we're ready to redeem those old points, we'll contact you. I promise you won't be left with nothing! In fact, you may get a really great something. :)
Thank you!
I've heard nothing about redeeming my old points still? Nor have I seen the t-shirt I was promised when the website was revamped?

This organization seems to give empty promises more and more all the time. Frustrating.
Hey Paul,
I totally get your frustration and I apologize if you feel you were misled. I assure you we're doing the best we can to get you your free stuff. We absolutely intend on fulfilling every promise we make, one way or another.

Now might be a good time to give a shout out to our awesome volunteers, donors, and sponsors. Right now, volunteers are donating their time putting shipping labels on the donated t-shirts we are able to give out for free. Volunteers have also been spending their weekends inventorying a large cache of awesome gear so we can redeem all the points out there in a way that's fair.

As a non-profit, Outdoor Nation relies heavily on sponsors, donors, and volunteers. Without them, we wouldn't be able to do any of this stuff. We greatly appreciate their dedication to our mission.

When it comes to redeeming all those points for gear or getting a free t-shirt, let me just say, we definitely don't feel like anyone should just be grateful that we're giving away free stuff. Thousands of people participated in valuable surveys and gave great feedback on the site. We still use that information to guide Outdoor Nation and hope to continue getting feedback once we establish a more sustainable way to offer incentives with the resources we have.

As a side note, June 6 is the day I promised to update everyone on our gear redemption plan so I better get back to it. Thanks for your patience.
Thank you, Stefanie.

I'm sorry that I probably came across sounding ungrateful. I'm definitely not.
I use the North Face gear I received from Outdoor Nation faithfully, and I tell everyone about the website!

I work as a non-profit director and understand the value of volunteers, donors, and sponsors, and being asked to do more with less.

Thank you for all that you do!


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