Grassroots Advocacy and Lobbying

We are Outdoor Nation, and we believe in reconnecting the Millennial Generation to the outdoors.  Our health, the health of our communities, and the health of our planet depend on it. 

Here’s what we’re working to do:

  • Raise awareness about outdoor educational programming to diverse and underserved audiences.
  • Increase accessibility to outdoor gear and destinations for low income and underrepresented populations.
  • Create mentorship programs with an outdoor emphasis.
  • Educate and expose young children to recycling, conservation and sustainability opportunities provided by non-profit and land managing agencies that offer an array of outdoor programming.
  • Rally the millennial generation to come together as one movement and one voice to advocate to legislatures on issues related to the outdoors.


Interested? Join us.  Start by checking our Summits page and signing up for a Signature Summit near you.  You can also start talking to people in your community about important issues and checking the Outdoor Nation website for more ways to advocate and get involved.



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