Atlanta ON-IT Summit

DATES and TIMES: November 3 at 9:30am – November 4 at 4:30pm
SUMMIT LOCATION: Emory University - Student Activity & Academic Center on the Clairmont Campus
CAMPING LOCATION: Stone Mountain Campground

Thanks for a great Summit!

It was an awesome weekend in the Atlanta!  Thanks for putting in all of the hard work to come up with great solutions to the getting more people outside and active.  We look forward to staying connected and helping you to be a leader in the outdoor movement in your community.

Summit Project Solutions

  • Bringing “It” Back - A project to reach youth through social media photo contests that promote outdoor activities in their favorite green spaces.
  • Outdoor Family Fun Fest - A full-day event with an optional campout that will foster positive family and community relationships as well as memorable experiences through team-building and educational outdoor activities.
  • Swim For America - A program to expose at-risk youth to aquatic recreation through classes and trips that will increase participants’ confidence with water-based activities.
  • Together Outdoors - A project that will take place on one day where various leaders in different cities will  strive to engage their local communities in outdoor activities with the opportunity for hands-on learning experiences.
  • Y.O.U.R. Program (Youth Outdoors Urban Recreation) - This project will begin with a two-day training by the Natural Leaders Network to the Recreation Employment Corp employees so they can start offering bi-weekly youth outdoor programs at their recreation centers.

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Want more general information about the Summits? Check out the Summit FAQs or scope out the 2011 Summit and 2010 Summit pages to get a feel for what the Summits are all about. Still have questions? Email us.

Presenting Sponsors

    • The Conservation Fund
    • REI Foundation

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