Boston Signature Summit

DATES and TIMES: July 21 at 9:30am – July 22 at 4:30pm
SUMMIT LOCATION: University of Massachusetts, Boston
CAMPING LOCATION:George's Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands

Hey Boston Outsiders!

We had an awesome time working with you guys this summer.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out photos from the summit on our Facebook page!

You voted, and we heard.  Here are the top issues that you think are keeping millenials indoors:

  • The need for a redefinition of social constructs around the outdoors (and help kids see that the outdoors is for everybody)
  • The lack of accessibility/resources for inner-city youth
  • The lack of awareness about existing opportunities and programs (Some people have no idea of the diversity and range of things you can do outside)
  • The sedentary lifestyle and need for active transportation (ex. trails, bicycling, running, bike lanes)

 Thanks to all your hard work, here are the projects that received funding:

  • Blitz Bash in the Park- Outdoor "Capture the Flag" festival held in parks with an emphasis on community engagement and league-type networking.
  • B'More Outdoors- A project that will include a festival in Druid Hill, an area that is surrounded by low-income families that will be given the opportunity to play ultimate frisbee, tour the local garden, go on a nature hike, swim, and eat healthy and local food.
  • Boston is Outdoors- A project to help people see that outdoor activities are for everyone by hosting an 8-week series of introductory level walks led by the young staff at the Appalachian Mountain Club in Boston.
  • College Outdoor Mixer- A one day outdoor event geared towards Boston-area college students that would start at Arnold Arboretum and make their way through Boston parks along the Emerald Necklace. Check points along the path would provide incentives.
  • Deals for Wheels- A community based program that encourages active transportation (biking, skateboarding, etc.) by providing discounts from participating local businesses to individuals who travel to the establishments on these forms of active transportation.
  • Eat Well Play Hard- Using school and community based gardens in Albany to educate and encourage engagement in outdoor activity and incorporate a mentoring program where young adults are aiding peers and young people in the garden.
  • Get Out and Stay Out- A project to create a network of skilled, outdoorsy youth in the Boston area through one-on-one mentorship and skill sharing -- starting with 5 pairs of urban high school students with little outdoor experience and experienced university student mentors. 
  • An online outdoor activity aggregator that makes it easier to find, publicize and share outdoor events, activities or destinations. Categories will include sports, recreation, leisure, water, concerts, gardens, etc.
  • Spreading Roots- A project that will get middle and high school students into the outdoors together, with college students acting as supervisors to the highschoolers.
  • UrbGarden- A month-long program for Boston youth focused on education of local environment (flora, fauna, urban ecosystems) and provide hands-on service projects involving local community members.

Be sure to make an account on the Outdoor Nation website and join the Boston 2012 summit club to stay connected with your fellow outsiders. 

Also, check out our grants page for info on how to receive more funding for your project ideas!


Want more general information about the Summits? Check out the Summit FAQs or scope out the 2011 Summit and 2010 Summit pages to get a feel for what the Summits are all about. Still have questions? Email us.

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