Outdoor Nation is a privately funded non-profit organization. To continue funding innovative youth-led projects, the organization relies on contributions from foundations, corporations and passionate young people like YOU!

Through a new partnership with Crowdrise, you can easily create a fundraising campaign to support your own project, and while you're at it, help out a fellow Outsider. Here's how:

Raise Money for Your Outdoor Nation Project

In a first-of-its-kind fundraising campaign, Outdoor Nation is joining forces with Crowdrise to give young leaders a powerful platform to raise money for their Summit project ideas. Outdoor Nation has provided some seed funding, technical support and oversight, but we need you to help move our movement forward. Sign up to kick off your fundraiser and then spread the word.

Together, we will build a strong Outdoor Nation for this and future generations!

Head to Crowdrise's Outdoor Nation page and click on the "Create Your Own Fundraising Page."

Donate to Outdoor Nation or Outdoor Nation Projects

Pay it forward. Donate to Outdoor Nation or an Outdoor Nation project. As you know, every little bit helps and, with Outdoor Nation, a little investment goes a long way. Donate here.


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