In 2005 Richard Louv published a book titled, Last Child in the Woods. In his book Louv coined the term, “Nature Deficit Disorder” and used it to describe the growing divide between children and nature. Last Child in the Woods raised awareness about the problems associated with too much time spent indoors, and people around the country took notice. They began creating projects and initiatives aimed at re-connecting children with nature.

These movements were revolutionary and inspiring, but they spoke to young children and their parents. No one was speaking for those of us left in between- the Millennial Generation. Luckily, we can speak for ourselves.

In June 2010 the first Outdoor Nation Summit was held in New York’s Central Park, with the support of a coalition of retailers, outdoor educators, and conservation groups. 500 delegates between the ages of 18 and 28, representing all 50 states, attended the summit. They left the two-day event committed to breaking down the barriers to the outdoors.

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