Los Angeles Signature Summit

DATES and TIMES: June 30 at 9:30am – July 1 at 4:30pm
SUMMIT LOCATION: University of Southern California, Davidson Conference Center, Embassy Room
CAMPING LOCATION:Los Angeles Historic State Park

Los Angeles Signature Summit


Hey LA Outsiders!

We had a great time working with you all.  If you haven’t already, check out photos from the summit on Facebook!

You all voted, and we heard you.  Here are the top issues that you think are keeping millenials indoors:

  • Missing connections between youth and the opportunities, resources, and inspiration from leaders to get outdoors.
  • Lack of awareness - the need to educate parents and make outdoor activities more appealing.
  • Technology is creating a disconnect from discovering nature. 
  • Lack of an affordable Camp that brings the outdoors to the community.
  • The outdoors need to be portrayed as cool to our generation.

Thanks to all your hard work, here are the projects that received funding:

  • My Place- This website will allow users to upload videos about their favorite secret or sacred outdoor places to share with others and inspire increased outdoor adventure.
  • YELL- Youth Enriching Local Lives- A mentorship program with youth engaging youth to connect younger generation to the outdoors.
  • Water Footprints- This will expose 4th and 5th graders to water activities, boosting their self esteem and comfort level and love for outdoor activities under the guidance and mentorship of high school and college students.
  • Outdoor 2 You- A project encouraging urban middle school students to get outdoors by bringing the outdoors to them. They will hold assemblies and rallies featuring passionate outdoor experts who will demonstrate why they love what they do.
  • G.O. App- Project is to create a phone application that will increase awareness and participation in outdoor recreation by utilizing the benefits of growing technology 
  • Outdoor Challenge- A program that will team up with schools and give students challenges to get outdoors with prizes of gear that will make the outdoors seem a lot more cool and will create a stepping stone for them to continue to go outdoors.
  • Wilderdash- A platform to get large groups of people outdoors and engaged in fun activities by using a stand alone website and Facebook group that will promote photo contests with prize incentives. 
  • N.E.T. - Natural Environmental Trailblazers- Will take students on a 3 day, 2 night retreat to a park or national forest to learn the significance of the outdoors.

***Due to a voting issue, all the awardees have been pushed up one place in the results making www.myplace.org the winner of $2500 and YELL- Youth Enriching Local Lives the winner of $1500. Also, the N.E.T. - Natural Environmental Trailblazers will now be awarded $1000. Congratulations to all! 

Be sure to make an account on the Outdoor Nation website and join the Los Angeles 2012 summit club to stay connected with your fellow outsiders. 


Also, check out our grants page for info on how to receive more funding for your project ideas!


Want more general information about the Summits? Check out the Summit FAQs or scope out the 2011 Summit and 2010 Summit pages to get a feel for what the Summits are all about. Still have questions? Email us.

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