Outdoor Nation Descends on Denver: Connecting Millennials to the Outdoors in an ON-IT Summit

In 2012, Outdoor Nation will hold 15 Summits across the U.S. – bringing together more than 2,500 young leaders and investing up to $100,000 into innovative projects that will lead to a major increase in youth outdoor participation.

Washington, DC (September 1, 2012) - Outdoor Nation, the outdoor movement led by members of the Millennial Generation, will come to Denver, Colorado September 22 – 23rd with a packed house of young adult delegates from across the region. Held over two days, the Outdoor Nation Intensive Training or ‘ON-IT’ Summit will provide advanced leadership training for 75 attendees with topics ranging from project development to community organizing to public relations. Delegates will camp overnight and have a campfire conversation with top athletes from The North Face.

Attendees represent the best and brightest from the Outdoor Nation community as well as top young leaders from partnering organizations that include: The North Face, REI Foundation, Merrell, Forest Service, National Park Service, Student Conservation Association, National Wildlife Federation, YMCA, Natural Leaders Network, a network of college outing clubs and many more. The ON-IT Summit builds on the tremendous success of Outdoor Nation and its series of summits – providing proven young leaders with skills they need to have a greater impact in their communities and helping spark an outdoor movement across the country.

“We’re thrilled to come to Denver with an intensive training Summit to equip young outdoor leaders,” said Chris Fanning, executive director of The Outdoor Foundation, the organization that launched Outdoor Nation. “The momentum generated at this event will help build an engaged, diverse community of leaders who are connecting a new generation with the outdoors - ultimately spearheading a cultural shift in the US.”

In addition to training, delegates will work together to identify pressing outdoor issues, discuss and develop strategies to address these barriers and commit to taking action. Outdoor Nation will provide financial and technical support for the top project ideas as voted on by the participants – investing as much as $100,000 into 50 Outdoor Nation projects.

The Denver Summit is the one of 15 Outdoor Nation Summits in 2012. Starting in New York, Outdoor Nation delegates then descended upon Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Boston and Austin. This fall, Outdoor Nation will go to Denver, then Atlanta, Minneapolis and San Francisco.

The 2012 Outdoor Nation Summits are presented by The North Face, The REI Foundation and The Conservation Fund, and supported by many other notable organizations including Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, America’s State Parks, U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Creative Artists Agency, National Park Service, Merrell, CamelBak, Johnson & Johnson, CIGNA, S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, Circadence, Sierra Club, Natural Leaders Network, National Wildlife Federation, YMCA and more than 100 invested organizations from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

About The Outdoor Foundation
The Outdoor Foundation is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and growing future generations of outdoor leaders and enthusiasts. Through groundbreaking research, youth engagement and empowerment and effective grant making, the Foundation works with young leaders and partners to mobilize a major cultural shift that leads all Americans to the great outdoors. In 2010, the Foundation launched Outdoor Nation, a pioneering initiative that empowers young leaders to champion the outdoors on campuses and in communities across the United States. To date, the successful initiative has engaged tens of thousands of youth and invested more than $200,000 in over 50 innovative projects spearheaded by young leaders and change-makers. For more information visit: OutdoorFoundation.org and OutdoorNation.org.


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