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We built this site for you. Now you can share your love of the outdoors with a crowd that truly gets it. Are you ready to connect, share, speak up and stand out? Good, so are we.


This is where people get to know you on Outdoor Nation. Whenever you post a blog, comment in a forum, or interact, it all links back to here. So post an awesome photo and edit your profile through the settings option in the box at the top right, under your name.


The Community tab at the top is your portal to Outsider content. Bazillions of videos, gazillions of photos, and a searchable list of other Outsiders, everything you need to keep you totally connected to all your friends at Outdoor Nation. We also have forums for discussing everything from the best backpacking recipe to the most pressing issues affecting the outdoors in your community.


Under the community tab, you’ll find access to the blog. We don’t have one almighty blogger. The blogs comes from you. Everyone contributes whatever he or she wants - from experiences outdoors and leadership dilemmas, to club mishaps and successes. Just blog about whatever floats your metaphorical boat.


We believe the more, the merrier when it comes to outdoors. So we’ve made the clubs tab so you can organize around whatever you have in common with other people – a passion for service projects, dedication to discovering new trails, or even advocacy for a local outdoor initiative. Want to organize a group to convert a vacant lot to a community garden? Start a club and start planning. Clubs can host their own forums, post events and manage their members however they want. You’ll definitely gain new members through Outdoor Nation and meet cool people.


Events are where Outdoor Nation happens offline. After all, we don’t really expect you to spend ALL your time on this website! We want you to GTFO! Get a group together for trail work, or just a fun group hike by posting to the events page and spreading the word on Outdoor Nation, Facebook and Twitter.

ON University

You might get the sense that you are at the beginning of something big, and you’re right. Outdoor Nation is growing by leaps and bounds and you have our commitment to provide you with a vast library of resources and training opportunities to help you lead the ON Revolution. What you see on the site now is just the beginning. We’ve got big plans for Outdoor Nation University and we’d love to have your ideas as we start building. So don’t hesitate to raise your hand and tell us what you need.

Get Involved

That is why you are here, right? Under the Get Involved tab you can learn about the grassroots causes we are championing, find grant money to fund your ideas and projects, stay connected through our GTFO email newsletter and make a contribution to the future of Outdoor Nation. Pretty soon we’ll be announcing a ridiculously cool advocacy campaign that we will run through Crowdrise, the best fundraising site ever. Don’t miss it.

ON Challenges

We want everyone to participate and share their ideas, so on a regular basis we will post an ON Challenge to our community. From art and design contests, to sport challenges, to campfire cook-offs and more (including the less involved trivia questions), we’ll pose the challenge and you meet it. And the best part, you can win great prizes.

ON Store

Coming Soon! No need to wear your heart on your sleeve. We’ll make a whole line of Outdoor Nation inspired and branded gear available for sale – with proceeds benefitting Outdoor Nation, of course!

Ok gang, that should do it. We’ll keep this updated as our cool new site evolves. But for now, you’re all set to let loose on Outdoor Nation! Go make it the best site ever!

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