San Francisco ON-IT Summit

DATES and TIMES: October 20 at 9:30am – October 21 at 4:30pm
SUMMIT LOCATION: Crissy Field Center
CAMPING LOCATION:Crissy Field Center in Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Thanks for a great Summit!

It was an awesome weekend in the San Francisco!  Thanks for putting in all of the hard work to come up with great solutions to the getting more people outside and active.  We look forward to staying connected and helping you to be a leader in the outdoor movement in your community.

Summit Project Solutions

  • Delta Earth - A visual media campaign that encourages individuals to take a photo of their own “backyard” along with the trademark Delta Earth sticker and then post the photo online to inspire others to get outside.
  • Generation Green Outdoor Edventures - An after-school program for youth in South Lake Tahoe to learn how to safely enjoy the outdoors through different activities.
  • Move Out!- Using demonstration videos to educate high school students in various communities about various ways to get outdoors, Move Out! will inspire new outdoor enthusiasts in outdoor recreation.
  • Operation Outside - A program to train elementary teachers to incorporate the outdoors and experiential education into their everyday lesson plans. 
  • Outdoor Impact - A program to encourage more community members to take advantage of local outdoor opportunities in coordination with Project Avary.

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Want more general information about the Summits? Check out the Summit FAQs or scope out the 2011 Summit and 2010 Summit pages to get a feel for what the Summits are all about. Still have questions? Email us.

Presenting Sponsors

    • The Conservation Fund
    • REI Foundation

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