Summit FAQs

What is Outdoor Nation?

Outdoor Nation! We just love how it sounds. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people spent more time outdoors? We think so! And, if you do too, welcome to Outdoor Nation.

Outdoor Nation is a national movement of young adults aged 16 to 28 passionate about the outdoors. Through entertainment, education, engagement and action, Outdoor Nation and its community of ‘Outsiders’ work to dramatically increase and expand youth participation in the outdoors – resulting in a healthier, more active generation.

Outdoor Nation is an initiative of the Outdoor Foundation. It is supported by a coalition of organizations, including: The North Face, REI Foundation, The Conservation Fund, Merrell, Play Outdoors, America’s State Parks, The National Park Service, SmartWool, YMCA, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, Audubon, Outdoor Outreach, Clark Atlanta University, The Presidio Trust, Stewardship Council, US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Johnson and Johnson, CIGNA, and many, many more. For a complete list, check out our Summit Partner page.

What are these Summits all about?

Signature Summits
If there is one thing that defines our generation it is that we like to be connected to our friends (at all times) and we like to do things together. So, each summer, we “Outsiders” all get together to do what we love to do – hang out outdoors AND work on projects so that everyone will have the chance to have fun outdoors forever (and ever).

During the Summits we all get together, discuss the things that are important to Outdoor Nation, learn from each other and come up with ideas to overcome the challenges young people face getting outdoors. Whether that is access to information, or the need to learn how to have fun outdoors, or no safe places nearby, or whatever, we pull all of our creative ideas together and come up with a workable solution. Then, the Outdoor Foundation supports us with grant money, training and really everything we need to get the job done. It’s a pretty great way to spend a weekend.

In 2011, Outdoor Nation hosted a series of Summits in five cities so that we could touch many different geographical regions. More than 1,500 Summit Delegates participated in NYC, Denver, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Atlanta. In 2012, we hosted Signature Summits in Boston, Austin and LA. In 2013, Outdoor Nation will head for the first time to Raleigh/Durham, Chicago, and Seattle for Signature Summits.

In each location we will focus on local and regional issues. Delegates will take part in hands-on, interactive activities that challenge them to solve problems and explore the creative, practical and ethical tensions present in the outdoor arena.

ON-IT Summits
In addition to our Signature Summits, we're also hosting our second year of Outdoor Nation Intensive Training (ON-IT) Summits! We already know that you are the outdoor leaders of tomorrow, but we want to give you the tools to be the best outdoor leaders ever. In 2012, Outdoor Nation returned to it's 2011 Signature cities to host ON-ITs, and we'll do the same in 2013 by returning to Boston, Austin, and LA.

ON-IT Summits will bring Outdoor Nation leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs together for two days of intensive leadership development training. This training, provided by the best in the outdoor industry, will give you the tools to grow and sustain your community action plans, projects and organizations. You’ll also have time to present your one-of-a-kind ideas and get a chance to just hang out with other outdoor leaders during a camping overnight.

How long are the Summits?

Each Summit will be held over 2 days with camping on Saturday night.

Are the Summits all work and no play?

C’mon? How well do you know us? Not a chance. We do a ton of work, but the Summits are a blast from beginning to end. You’ll have so much fun that you might need a vacation afterwards.

How do I apply to attend an Outdoor Nation Summit?

So glad you asked! Visit our 2013 Summit page for more information and a link to the online application form.

Who pays for all this?

Summit delegates are responsible for their own travel to and from the Summit. Outdoor Nation will, of course, provide food and all necessary materials for all delegates during the Summit

Outdoor Nation provides lodging for delegates who are traveling from outside of the Summit location’s metro area.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our incredible partners, so make sure you take a look at our Summit Partner list and give them some props when you have the chance.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please e-mail us at

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