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Trail Day this Saturday

MEVO will be working with the New York-New Jersey trail conference this Saturday, June 6th to host Trail Day. On this day, we’ll teach people about trail stewardship and conservation, and work to maintain some beautiful hiking trails.

Event details are below. We look forward to seeing you there!…


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Scenes From the Earth Crew

Last Friday, the Ramapo Earth Crew was at the Sterling Center in Tuxedo, New York, where they built over 235 feet of new hiking trails. That is pretty awesome stuff.

Expect more work like this to be done, as the summer continues.…


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A Shout-Out to Fair Lawn Environmental Club

Yesterday, Fairlawn High School Environmental Club came and volunteered at the MEVO Farm.

They worked to build raised beds and to move compost, bringing our farm one step closer to completion. We also had an awesome bee hive building demonstration and talked about local farming in Northern New Jersey.

So here’s a big shout out and thank you to Fair Lawn Environmental Club for your great work. We appreciate it!…


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Trail Repair and a Cookout Saturday

MEVO is going to do some trail building Saturday, where we will work to restore part of the local Hewitt Butler Trail in Ringwood, New Jersey. Afterwards, we’ll be having a cookout for all the volunteers who arrived.

Details are on the link below. We hope to see you there!…


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Farm Builders

MEVO's two-acre educational farm is being built at Campgaw Reservation in Mahwah, New Jersey. Making a farm like this a reality required a small army of dedicated people.

Here are just a few of them: Karin La Greca, Chairwoman of MEVO’s Board of Directors, Josh Rozenberg, Farm Designer and Builder, Isaac Rozenberg, Farm Designer and Builder, and Matt Jordan, Former MEVO Farm Manager.

Thank you guys, as well as everyone else who has worked to make this farm a reality.…


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An Epic Partnership Begins

You're looking at a photo that marks a BIG moment in MEVO's history. It's from a meeting where MEVO and the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference decided to partner together to run MEVO's 2015 Ramapo Earth Crew. As a result, this summer's MEVO internship program will now be run by both MEVO and the NYNJTC.

Building an environmental movement in northern New Jersey just got a lot more awesome.…


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Details of a Documentary Screening

A documentary has just been released about one of MEVO’s great partners, the Ramapough Lunaape Nation. The documentary is called “American Native” and will be screening at the Paramount Theater at Middletown, New York on May 31st.

The event details are at the link below:…


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Gotta Love the Bees

MEVO loves our honey bees and we think they love us to.Just check out this friendly girl who buzzed in for her close up with us!

If you would like to raise honey bees and get free local honey send us an e-mail at and volunteer for us as a beekeeper. The bees would be appreciated.…


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Applause for 1Step

Everyone, we’d like you to meet Ramapo College 1STEP, known as the most-awesome environmental organization at Ramapo College. Not only are they making ecological change on campus but they have also been partnering with MEVO since 2010.

We salute you and your work, 1STEP! Keep at it!…


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History Was Made this Week

We did it. After over two and a half years of hard work MEVO had a five-year lease signed by the Bergen County Executive for our two-acre educational farm.

Thank you everyone for helping make this farm a reality. Now let’s make history together.…


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We Got 20 Interns

20 Interns. Yeah, you heard that right. MEVO has 20 interns starting their summer internship with MEVO’s Earth Crew and Farm Crew. This is going to be an amazing summer.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo of MEVO staff and volunteers at one of our trash clean-ups.…


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THE Sunday Clean-Up: Tomorrow!

THE Sunday Clean-Up is happening tomorrow at Stag Hill. Join some awesome volunteers like these ones, and help remove pollution from a local community.…


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Farewell Emma!

Today, in honor of her birthday, we would like to give an official MEVO Goodbye to our most-awesome Volunteer Coordinator Emma Spett.

Emma has volunteered for MEVO for five years, carried out thousands of hours of volunteer work, and received our organization’s highest honor, “The Dedication, Leadership, and Service Award,”. Now Emma is moving on to the next step in her path of awesome environmental conservation.

So Happy Birthday Emma! Thank you for your dedication to MEVO and…


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Join the Symposium Tomorrow!

Check out MEVO Executive Director Eric Fuchs-Stengel doing some hive inspections of MEVO beehives!

If you want to hear Eric speak about bees and beekeeping make sure to come to the Environmental Symposium tomorrow.

RSVPs are due today, so make sure to register. Details are on the event page below:…


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Take on Pollution at THE Sunday Clean-Up

Environmental pollution and illegal dumping are sadly still going strong at Stag Hill and this pollution is threatening to seep into the local water supply for surrounding towns.

But MEVO is prepared to take this pollution on with THE Sunday clean-up, on Sunday May 17th. We’ll be working to take pollution out of Stag Hill that day. Will you join us?

Details are below:…


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See Eric Speak!

MEVO Executive Director Eric Fuchs-Stengel has a lot of things to say about honey-bees and beekeeping. And this Friday, he’s going to talk about these things, at an environmental symposium hosted by United Water, the Bergen County Audubon Society, and MEVO.

If you’re interested in hearing Eric speak, sign up at the link below. We hope to see you Friday!…


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What is MEVO All About in 2015?

What is MEVO all about in 2015? We're building a two-acre farm in Mahwah, New Jersey to teach people about sustainable agriculture. We're taking on illegal dumping happening at Stag Hill with the Ramapough Lunaape Nation. In short, we're making change happen.
For more information, check out this awesome video made by Max LaRocco about what MEVO's all about in 2015.

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MEVO Barrels, Everywhere!

MEVO Rain Barrels. MEVO Compost Barrels. MEVO Bee Food Barrels. MEVO has barrels everywhere. These barrels have helped us accomplish a huge variety of sustainability projects in Northern New Jersey.

These barrels were donated to us by the Bergen Highlands – Ramsey Rotary Club, a major community partner supporting us in our environmental work. So thank you Rotary Club for your generous gift.

Have you seen a MEVO barrel in your community? Let us know!…


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Let's Clean-Up Lakeview

Take a look at this preserved forest off of Lakeview Drive of Stag Hill in Mahwah, New Jersey. Sadly you can also see two photos of brand new illegal dumping there as well that was dropped off in the past few months.

But here is the good news! MEVO cleaned up all of this dumping this past weekend at our first Stag Hill Clean-Up on April 18, 2015.

And we will keep cleaning it up, and take a stand to say our community is not a place for pollution.

We have a clean-up this…


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Thank You Max!

Everyone, meet Max LaRocco, one of MEVO’s most veteran volunteers.

What’s Max all about? He is a photographer, videographer, student at Ramapo College, born and raised in Mahwah. To top it off he has been volunteering with us for over five years!

What is truly special about Max is that he has been filming MEVO for the entire month of April documenting our work at our farms, apiary, and Earth Crew projects and has been cutting together videos for us to use for our website and to…


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