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What the Bees Need

At MEVO we raise honey bees: currently 17 bee hives, with each full size each hive has anywhere from 50 to 60 thousand bees in it.

That is a whole lot of little tongue like mouths to feed! So how do we get our hives ready for winter? We feed them sugar water in their first year of hive growth to prepare them for the cold frost. Five pounds of sugar and one gallon of water.…


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The MEVO Farm: Then and Now

Three years of planning and several months of volunteering and here we are. The MEVO community farm at Campgaw Reservation in Mahwah, New Jersey is growing into an amazing space for sustainability education and community social change in Northern New Jersey.

We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Our farm is being planted this last week of July, and we have many more events planned there for the rest of the summer. We hope to see you at them.…


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The Soil of Stag Hill

What does that look like to you? Look closely…

Some of you may say dirt, rocks, or maybe woodchips, but we are sorry to say that you are sadly wrong. What you see here is a close up picture of the soil of sections of forest on Stag Hill in Mahwah, New Jersey that have had severe illegal dumping.

Thes dump sites that MEVO is working to clean-up with the @Ramapough Lunaape Nation are heavily polluted and consist of everything BUT organic matter: tar shingles, sheet rock,…


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MEVO and Paramus High

This past Friday, some MEVO Earth Crew members went to Paramus High School to teach students about MEVO, our mission, and the environment. Much hilarity and environmental education ensued.

We love getting to know fellow community members and spreading the word about MEVO and our mission.…


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Dumping, Removed.

Be amazed people. You are looking at 500 pounds of illegal dumping (including recyclable material, tires, scrap metal, and trash) removed from the forests of Stag Hill by our amazing Earth Crew, led by none other than Ryan Martens.

The summer isn't over yet though, and MEVO is determined to take even more dumping out of our local communities.…


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What To Do with Cardboard?

Need cardboard for sheet mulching your garden? MEVO knows an excellent place to get it: in cardboard recycling dumpsters!

Sheet mulching with cardboard is an excellent way to keep the weeds down in your garden and clean up plastic pollution. So don’t just buy cardboard, reuse the stuff in the trash.…


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A Message From Ursula

Ursula Svoboda, MEVO Farm Crew intern extraordinaire, and the very cute bunny with her have a message to give.

They would like to let you know that the most epic of MEVO's July volunteer events, a massive trash clean-up on Stag Hill this Saturday and the construction of a community garden in Hackensack, New Jersey on Sunday, are happening this weekend. And they'd love for you to come out to them.

If you're interested in going to these events, RSVP to them at…


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Excited For the Peppers

Here at the MEVO educational farm we are excited for the peppers and many other crops growing in our soil.

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable agriculture and volunteering with us, visit our website at to get involved and learn more.…


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Rebuilding the Burnt Meadow Trail

Hiking in the woods just a little bit more enjoyable thanks to MEVO and the New York New Jersey Trail Conference Ramapo Earth Crew. This Saturday the Earth Crew improved and maintained a quarter mile of the Burnt Meadow Trail in West Milford, NJ with the help of our dedicated crew members.

Expect to see more work like this as the summer continues, as MEVO and the Trail Conference work to keep trails in the New York-New Jersey area safe and beautiful for everyone.…


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Build a Garden this Sunday

Come one, come all! Next Sunday, July 26th, MEVO will be building a community garden for Chance Youth Development - a group which helps at risk girls in Hackensack, NJ.

Our event will be from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Make sure to bring lunch, lots of water, and sturdy shoes. To RSVP, e-mail us at

Let's build a garden this Sunday! ‪#‎chanceyouthdev‬…


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The Pollution of Stag Hill

This photo was taken last month on Stag Hill in Mahwah, New Jersey. There are many more paint cans like this thrown across illegal dump sites on Stag Hill.

The Ramapough Lunaape Nation and MEVO are working hard to clean-up this trash and once and for all, and to take a stand against a pollution problem that has persisted for over fifty years.
We will get this mountain clean and will empower a community free of pollution. Join us.

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Meet Kristen Andrada

Meet one of the most awesome people in MEVO: Kristen Andrada

What is Kristen all about? She is our MEVO Apiary Manager. She takes care of all of our honey bees so that students of all ages can learn about the importance of bees for pollination and our food system.

In addition, Kristen makes sure all of our hives produce delicious honey and successfully make it through the winter, as well as single-handedly teaching and leading our team of volunteer beekeepers.

Kristen you’re…


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Thank You Windsor Prep!

The wonderful people from Windsor Preparatory High School in Paramus, New Jersey joined MEVO this Thursday to clean-up trash and learn about their local environment.

Thank you Windsor Prep for your amazing work.…


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We are MEVO. We Build Gardens.

We are MEVO and we build community gardens with our bare hands.

Come volunteer with us and create a change in the world that will educate people and feed communities for years to come.…


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The Kickstarter Letters Are Out in the Mail

The Kickstarter Letters Are Out

Attention, everyone! The Kickstarter letters for the MEVO Educational Farm are in the mail and are being sent out to all the backers of our Kickstarter.

If your Kickstarter reward includes a visit to the educational farm, please make sure you contact the person listed in the letter you received to set up the visit. You can word it the way you like.…


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A Bit About Rain Barrels

Today, MEVO would like to tell you a little bit about rain barrels. Rain barrels catch excess rain water that can be used for gardening, irrigation, or for other household or outdoor functions that require water. They also reduce water waste and usage by utilizing rain instead of other water sources.

Earth Crew built 12 of these magnificent rain barrels today. And we hope to give them out to members of the community soon. Stay tuned, for more information.…


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Meet Dean.

Everyone, meet Dean. Dean and the company he works for, “TNT Carting & Demolition,” are great friends of MEVO. They’ve donated

tractors as well as tools and wheel barrows to our organization over many years.

When we talk about the “environmental movement,” it comes in many forms. So thank you, Dean and TNT, for your support and we are so happy that you are one of our allies in creating a better, more sustainable future.…


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Thank You Rockland Conservation Corps!

MEVO would like to say thank you to the members of the Rockland Conservation Corps for coming out on Friday, June 19th, and volunteering at our educational farm. They were a big help laying compost on the raised beds.

Thanks again, Rockland Conservation Corp. Hope you all come out again and volunteer with MEVO soon!…


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Education Session at the Farm

Tomorrow, MEVO will be having an educational session of farm work at our two acre educational farm. Come on by if you want to learn a little bit about sustainable agriculture.…


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A Call For Beekeepers

We have a few questions for you, people of the internet:

Do you want to learn how to raise honey bees and understand a complex little insect that we depend on for our food? Want to teach school children and people of all ages about the importance of honey bees? Want some delicious free honey?

If you want these things, become a MEVO volunteer beekeeper.

E-mail us at for more information.…


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