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Can You Help Isaac Rozenberg?

Can you help out Isaac Rozenberg? Issac and his brother Josh are two passionate MEVO volunteers who are currently working to design and build MEVO’s educational farm, and they are excited to make this farm a reality.

We have just THREE DAYS left until the Kickstarter for our farm comes to an end, and as of today we have only $1,500 to go until our Kickstarter is fully funded. So please, donate to our Kickstarter and make awesomeness happen for the people of Northern New…


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MEVO's Farm Builder Needs Your Help

Meet Josh Rozenberg. Passionate MEVO volunteer, mushroom grower, and permaculturalist, Josh's job is to plan, design, and build the spaces for MEVO's upcoming two-acre educational farm, along with his brother Isaac.

But Josh needs your help to help make this farm happen though. Please back our Kickstarter campaign (even $10 helps) to make the farm Josh intends to design a reality and share this post with friends. We are counting on you.…


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We Have the Seed. Help it Grow

MEVO has the seed of a spectacular educational farm in Northern New Jersey. Please help this seed grow by backing our Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for this farm. Prizes include beekeeping lessons, swag MEVO t-shirts, and a MEVO party thrown in your honor.

The link to the Kickstarter is below. Let's make this seed grow into full bloom.…


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Why is Eric Fuchs-Stengel Smiling?

Why is MEVO Founder Eric Fuchs-Stengel smiling? Because he knows that in the next eleven days, MEVO will raise the money it needs to create a two-acre educational farm, thanks to your dedicated help.

So send your LOVE to Eric by donating to our Kickstarter, and by SHARING this post with your friends and family. The link is below:…


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Eleven More Days to Go

We have eleven days to go until the Bergen County Educational Farm becomes a reality. Our status: $4,000 in private donations by mail, which we will put onto Kickstarter, with just over $4,000 for our official Kickstarter. $8,000 in total.

This means we have just about $3,000 to go until we have reached our goal. We can do this.

Please DONATE to our cause and SPREAD the word:…


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Get Inspired To Educate the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders

The MEVO Farm plans to offer educational programs for youth and students of all ages in order to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders.

Help us make this farm happen. Please donate to our Kickstarter and SHARE this post! — with Eric J. Fuchs-Stengel.…


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Our Love Goes To Lush Cosmetics

Love. That is all we can say. LUSH Cosmetics we love that you are giving us some LOVE! Thank you LUSH for your most-awesome donation of $2,228.00 from your Charity Pot Donation Program. And an even more special THANK YOU to the LUSH Cosmetics Tysons Corner Center which is the store this donation came from. We really can’t do it without you.…


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Won't You Support the Tomatoes?

Psst…MEVO Farm Manager Matt Jordan has a surprise for you…MEVO is building the first ever educational farm in New Jersey. We want to grow a lot of vegetables like the one’s Matt is holding.

So support our tomatoes and support this Kickstarter.…


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Eric Needs Your Help

Meet Eric Fuchs-Stengel, Executive Director of MEVO and farmer.

But why is Eric so serious in these photos?

Well, Eric knows how serious creating sustainable communities is for our future. And Eric and MEVO have a HUGE opportunity to do just that with the Kickstarter for our Bergen County Educational Farm. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. Seriously.

Please support our Farm by backing our project on Kickstarter and sharing this post with friends and family.…


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It Takes a Village to Build a Kickstarter

MEVO really can’t create an awesome educational farm without you.

If every person who has liked our Facebook page donated $5.00...

We would be able to finish our Kickstarter campaign for the first educational farm in Bergen County TODAY.

Let's make the MEVO Farm a REALITY. Please Donate to our Kickstarter.…


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Why Are These People So Happy?

Why are these people so happy? Because ten days into our Kickstarter for MEVO’s Bergen County Educational Farm, MEVO has a lot to be thankful for. Over thirty donors have backed our project so far, raising over $2,000.

So let’s keep the momentum going. SHARE the link to our Kickstarter to spread the word and donate to get awesome prizes like MEVO honey and beekeeping lessons.…


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A Thank You to The Ramsey Garden Club

MEVO would like to say thanks today to the Ramsey Garden Club!

We’d like to thank you so much for acknowledging MEVO and awarding us for our environmental work throughout Northern New Jersey, through a cash reward for our volunteer work for the month of September 2014.

Thanks for all the support, Ramsey Garden Club!…


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A Thank You to United Water

MEVO is proud to give a shout out to one of our greatest partners in creating a sustainable future: United Water, seen here at the MEVO Bergen Community College Farm.

United Water has partnered with MEVO to build farms and give away free rain barrels to Northern New Jersey residents. So far we have hosted two community workshops on Water Conservation with United Water and have been giving out rain barrels since.

Their volunteers work hard. But they also come equipped with…


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Making Trails at the Farm

If you ever wanted to visit an up and coming organic farm and to build a hiking trail at the same time, we have an awesome event for you.

This Saturday, MEVO we will be blazing a new hiking trail at the site of our Bergen County Educational Farm. Come on by to get some experience in the art of trail building and to have a look at a most excellent farm. Details are below:…


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A Wild Weekend for the Community Farm

This weekend is going to be an wild one for MEVO’s upcoming Bergen County Educational Farm.

On Saturday, we will be hosting an official naming party for the farm, at our very own mountainside lodge, to give this community farm a name with style! On Sunday, we will be giving an introductory tour of the farm to all farm apprentices and anyone else who is interested, showing off our future plans and goals.

Come on by for an excellent time!…


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We're Announcing A Kickstarter!

MEVO is proud to announce that we are launching a Kickstarter to raise key funds for our Bergen County Educational Farm.

We're looking to raise $11,000 in 35 days. Check out our sweet rewards and do your part to support one EPIC Kickstarter.

Let's do this people!…


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Help Name Our Farm!

MEVO’s educational farm is in progress, but we think the farm needs an awesome name to reflect the awesome work that we will be doing there.

So we’d like to ask YOU for suggestions as to what we should name our farm. Please leave your suggestions as a comment, or e-mail our Director of Communications at

We look forward to hearing from you.…


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We need Tools For Our Farm

MEVO needs tools for our farm! MEVO's Bergen County educational farm is being set up right now, but our farm builders Josh and Isaac Rozenberg will need some key tools to make our spring growing season a success.

One tool we're looking for now is an Earthway Precision Garden Seeder, shown in this photo below. If you have something like it that you could donate, please message us or comment on the post and we will get back to you.

Thanks everyone.…


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A Watershed Meeting, this Tuesday!

Attention, all! There is going to be a big presentation at the Mahwah Public Library 7:00 pm on Tuesday, November 11th by the North Jersey Sierra Club about how proposed casinos and oil pipelines are threatening the ecological health of the Ramapo River Watershed and the health of our water supply as a result.

If you want to learn about ecology, watersheds, and how they influence the water we drink, come on down to Tuesday’s meeting and receive an education in…


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Meet the Team!

MEVO would like you to meet the team that is going to be making our biggest project yet a reality.

They are: Pam Gilligan, our Farm Crew Leader. David Nicholson, our Director of Communications. Josh and Issac Rozenberg, our two excellent environmental designers. And of course, Eric Fuchs-Stengel, Founder & Executive Director of MEVO.

All of them are ready to do something that’s never been done before. Stay tuned!…


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