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A Thank You to Patagonia

Who are the guys standing next to MEVO Executive Director Eric Fuchs-Stengel. They area Patagonia SOHO in New York City and they are donating a $6000 check to support MEVO's work on stag Hill this Spring 2015.

We are so happy to welcome Patagonia as an official sponsor and partner at MEVO. Patagonia will be coming to volunteer cleaning up trash on stag hill with MEVO. So join the two of us for an excellent clean-up.…


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Introducing the MEVO Farm Facebook Page

In case you haven’t heard, MEVO is building itself an awesome two-acre educational farm in Northern New Jersey.

A lot of events will be happening at this farm, so MEVO has decided to set up a MEVO Farm Facebook page. LIKE this page to stay informed about all news happening at the farm. The link is below.…


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Summer 2015 Intern Spots Are About to Open Soon

MEVO is getting ready to set up the next round of openings for our Summer 2015 internships. Stay tuned for more news.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo of some of last summer’s interns.…


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What Can MEVO Do For You?

What would you like MEVO to do for 2015? MEVO is eager to start the new year, but we would like to hear from you about any volunteer events or educational workshops you'd like us to do, in addition to our regular activities.

Leave your suggestions by commenting on this post. We look forward to hearing what you think!…


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Eric Fuchs-Stengel Would Like To Talk About Something

Eric, MEVO’s Founder Executive Director, loves to talk. But he is talking about some really awesome stuff here.

What stuff is this? It's A huge donation from one of our biggest corporate partners, United Water, for $10,000.00.

If you want to hear more about our partnership with United Water, check out this MEVO featured volunteer video created by them. It's pretty awesome.…


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Lessons Available at the Farm

Time to get excited, guys. Some of the workshops that MEVO's Educational Farm plans on offering includes farm skill such as orchard management, crop rotation, composting, and mushroom growing.

Stay tuned for more information.…


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A Generous Gift from United Water

MEVO has got some big news. How big? $10,000.00 big. United Water, MEVO’s newest corporate partner, has given us a glorious donation of $10,000.

United Water has been committed in supporting MEVO for all of the environmental sustainability work we are involved in across Northern New Jersey. This past summer and fall, they provided MEVO with tons of corporate volunteers, trucks of all sizes, tractors, tools, and materials to build farms across Northern New Jersey. So THANK YOU, United…


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2014: A Year in Review

In 2014, MEVO got stuff done.

We crafted a partnership with the County of Bergen to address illegal dumping in Stag Hill. Our summer interns visited the Ananda Ashram in New York. We constructed hiking trails, kept bees, and harvested hundreds of pounds of organic produce. And we managed to raise over $11,000 for our Kickstarter to build the first ever educational farm in Northern New Jersey.

Here’s to a spectacular 2014. Let’s make 2015 even more awesome.…


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A State Park Haiku

MEVO Haiku:

Thank you New Jersey

And your excellent state parks

For being beautiful

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MEVO Needs A Toolbox

Does anyone have a toolbox? MEVO is looking for a quality toolbox with shelves to hold the tools we’ll need to construct our educational farm. If anyone has a spare toolbox to donate, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post. We’d appreciate it.…


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Collards With Style

MEVO would like to give a shout out to Peter Hauenstein and Brittany Cronin two awesome volunteers, MEVO farmers, and in this photo, collard models.

Thanks you guys for the awesome work you’ve done.…


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A Holiday Haiku

MEVO Haiku:

In gratitude we

Wish every person out there

Happy Holidays…


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We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve is here, so MEVO would like to wish all of our friends and volunteers a very Merry Christmas and thank all of you in gratitude for the awesome work you helped us do this year.

Thanks everyone! Enjoy the holiday festivities.…


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Can You Help Isaac Rozenberg?

Can you help out Isaac Rozenberg? Issac and his brother Josh are two passionate MEVO volunteers who are currently working to design and build MEVO’s educational farm, and they are excited to make this farm a reality.

We have just THREE DAYS left until the Kickstarter for our farm comes to an end, and as of today we have only $1,500 to go until our Kickstarter is fully funded. So please, donate to our Kickstarter and make awesomeness happen for the people of Northern New…


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MEVO's Farm Builder Needs Your Help

Meet Josh Rozenberg. Passionate MEVO volunteer, mushroom grower, and permaculturalist, Josh's job is to plan, design, and build the spaces for MEVO's upcoming two-acre educational farm, along with his brother Isaac.

But Josh needs your help to help make this farm happen though. Please back our Kickstarter campaign (even $10 helps) to make the farm Josh intends to design a reality and share this post with friends. We are counting on you.…


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We Have the Seed. Help it Grow

MEVO has the seed of a spectacular educational farm in Northern New Jersey. Please help this seed grow by backing our Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for this farm. Prizes include beekeeping lessons, swag MEVO t-shirts, and a MEVO party thrown in your honor.

The link to the Kickstarter is below. Let's make this seed grow into full bloom.…


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Why is Eric Fuchs-Stengel Smiling?

Why is MEVO Founder Eric Fuchs-Stengel smiling? Because he knows that in the next eleven days, MEVO will raise the money it needs to create a two-acre educational farm, thanks to your dedicated help.

So send your LOVE to Eric by donating to our Kickstarter, and by SHARING this post with your friends and family. The link is below:…


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Eleven More Days to Go

We have eleven days to go until the Bergen County Educational Farm becomes a reality. Our status: $4,000 in private donations by mail, which we will put onto Kickstarter, with just over $4,000 for our official Kickstarter. $8,000 in total.

This means we have just about $3,000 to go until we have reached our goal. We can do this.

Please DONATE to our cause and SPREAD the word:…


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Get Inspired To Educate the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders

The MEVO Farm plans to offer educational programs for youth and students of all ages in order to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders.

Help us make this farm happen. Please donate to our Kickstarter and SHARE this post! — with Eric J. Fuchs-Stengel.…


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Our Love Goes To Lush Cosmetics

Love. That is all we can say. LUSH Cosmetics we love that you are giving us some LOVE! Thank you LUSH for your most-awesome donation of $2,228.00 from your Charity Pot Donation Program. And an even more special THANK YOU to the LUSH Cosmetics Tysons Corner Center which is the store this donation came from. We really can’t do it without you.…


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