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Day 0 – Preppin for the Big Show

Sometimes, when there’s good energy, good people, and good coffee, hunger and lack of sleep can be ignored. That’s what happened yesterday during our NYC Summit planning meet.

So our usual cohorts including Chris Fanning, Ivan Levin, Julie Munro, and Stasia Raines joined guest photographers and reporters, Becca, Alex, and Yoon. We chatted through expectations of the assignment to a rain storm that delayed the arrival of some the attendees.

After a few hours, the hunger and lack…


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Operation ON Challenge-Home Base

     When speaking to other Outdoor Nation members I feel as if I am preaching to the choir. These folks are already excited about being active and their curiosity has led them to become extremely knowledgeable about the world. What can I offer them? Today's post is not a travel advertisement for a distant…


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Grand Trunk Launches Study Abroad Scholarship Contest!

We’re excited to launch our first ever Scholarship Contest. Students: Please submit you videos and applications at studyabroad.grandtrunkgoods.com.


At the edge of the world in Thailand’s most breathtaking archipelago, two adventurous travelers (Jon Neff and Kevin…


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Beers Made By Walking at Mueller State Park!

Once again, I snagged another article from Focus on the Beer's blog.…


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The Outdoor Foundation Is Hiring! Apply Now for the Marketing and Communications Director position!

Position Title: Marketing and Communications Director, The Outdoor Foundation

Reports to: Christine Fanning, Executive Director

Location: Washington, DC Metro

The Outdoor Foundation

The Outdoor Foundation is a national not-for-profit organization established to inspire and grow future generations of outdoor enthusiasts and environmental stewards. The recognized charitable partner of the…


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NYC SUMMIT SUMMARY: Recap from your friendly ambassadors

The New York Summit was quite the unique and rewarding experience. Having not attended last year’s summit I was going into the weekend with a blind eye. I was half expecting two hundred and fifty kids running around an open field while Jack Johnson played in the background. It was anything but.

The first day saw everyone from all over the coast come together, at varying times of course because traffic never cooperates, to discuss the goals and agenda of Outdoor Nation in the future.… Continue

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Outdoor Nation Kicks Off Summer Youth Summits In New York

Youth-led Movement for the Outdoors Plans Nationwide Agenda—with more than $100,000 in Dedicated Funding for Youth Project Ideas—to Expand Access, Activity, and Appreciation.

New York, NY (June 23, 2011) -- Outdoor Nation, the youth-led movement championing the outdoors launched last year in Central Park, is returning to New York this week to kick off its …


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Wyoming "Tailgate" Summit -- On the Road to Denver -- Just Announced

If you build it, they will come. That spirit has grabbed hold of the youth from the Rocky Mountain West as a group of more than 150 embark on a mission to attend the Outdoor Nation regional Youth Summit scheduled for Denver in late July.

They will arrive from Montana, Utah, South Dakota and across Wyoming to a pre-meeting (now dubbed the Summit “Tailgate”) at Curt Gowdy State Park in the Laramie Mountains before heading out to Denver.

Check it out at … Continue

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What is GTFO?

Get the Fun Outside, of course! What did you think it meant?! ;)

There’s definitely room for interpretation when it comes to GTFO. On a personal level, it’s my rally cry. When I’ve been working too hard indoors, sitting on the couch too long, or just find myself in bad mood… GTFO is my answer to all that.

On a community level, Outsiders know GTFO is a motto you can live by. GTFO is the lifestyle we choose. We get the fun outside, hanging out with the peeps every chance we… Continue

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Outdoor Nation Announces Plans for 2011 Youth Summits in a City Near You

Washington, D.C. (May 4, 2011) – Outdoor Nation, the youth-led movement championing the outdoors, today announced its plans to host multiple 3-day regional youth summits and is looking for talented and passionate youth leaders from the millennial generation to take part as delegates. The summits will be held in New York City, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Denver and San Francisco from June 23 through July 31, 2011.… Continue

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How the 2010 Outdoor Nation Youth Summit Changed my Life

Before the Outdoor Nation Youth Summit in NYC last year, I wasn’t a leader. I was a quiet dreamer. I had visions about changing the world and connecting people with the outdoors, but I was afraid to get anything started. Afraid to be in charge. Too shy to speak up. I was afraid to fail.…


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State Park Closures: An Unforntunate Trend

Admit it. There are some parks that you just can't avoid visiting year after year. You get a little giddy as your annual visit gets closer, interested to see if the snow has already melted or if you'll see a bobcat this year. But what happens when you realize that you will no longer be able to visit your favorite park because it no longer exists, at least within "the system"?

Each year, more and more state parks are put on trial. Which parks are "worth" keeping open and which aren't.… Continue

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What is Outdoor Nation?

Outdoor Nation is the place where a young person’s passion for the outdoors sparks a wildfire (metaphorically speaking). Technically, it is an initiative of the Outdoor Foundation made to foster connection between youth and the outdoors. But that might not mean much to a lot us. Let me tell you what Outdoor Nation really is...

It’s a movement led by us, youth who love the outdoors. It’s a movement that empowers us to share and protect the outdoors. It’s a movement that rewards us… Continue

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The 2011 Outdoor Nation Youth Summits

The 2011 Outdoor Nation Youth Summits are right around the corner. Last year, Outdoor Nation made history when we gathered more than 500 youth leaders from all 50 states to discuss the growing disconnect between our peers and the great outdoors.

This year 1,500 youth leaders will gather in five locations for regional youth summits, any many more will connect virtually. We will bring thousands of voices and national attention to our cause as we discuss everything from access to the… Continue

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