Petition to Protect the Boundary Waters and Lake Superior from Acid Mine Drainage

dave_amy_freeman300.jpgDave and I are teaming up with former state legislator and Grand Marais-area dogsled racer Frank Moe for an epic dogsled trip from Northern Minnesota to the State Capitol in early March. We are calling for the protection of the region's natural heritage, including clean water and wilderness. Dave and I will be delivering petitions from Ely to Finland, Minnesota by dogsled. Frank will continue with those petitions and many more on to the State Capitol.

Maybe you have seen the lakes, rivers, and forests of Northern Minnesota firsthand and understand how special this area is, or maybe you simply care about preserving clean water and wilderness. Please join Dave, Amy, Frank, and thousands of others by signing the petition that will be delivered to the State Capitol by dogsled.

Please, watch the videos below to learn more about the sulfide mining that is proposed near Ely.

Sign the petition here.

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Comment by Peter Horgan on April 26, 2012 at 2:37pm

Chilean and Canadian mining companies? I would have to assume most of the minerals extracted from this pit will be exported to other countries...This kind of reminds of the Rosemont Copper Mine just outside of Tucson, AZ. A Canadian company strolling into America with plans on exporting most of the copper to Japan or China (can't recall which one). Ridiculous.

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