The Capital District EnviroMentoring Advocates Program Kicks Off!

When we got the news that our Outdoor Nation Grant Request was approved and accepted we were ecstatic. In Albany and at Green Tech High Charter School in particular we’d just been itching for the chance to GTFO and take those around us with us. Unfortunately we know from firsthand experience that funding can limit all the knowledge and recreation the outdoors has to provide. That however, became a non-issue when we received our grant from the Outdoor Foundation.

The Capital District EnviroMentoring advocates intends to get kids outdoors, helping them to develop an appreciation for nature and then teaching them the tools necessary to protect and defend it. Our first excursion took us to the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. The Pine Bush is a globally unique spot that is home to a number of special and endangered natural communities and species. The space has a ton of ecological, recreational and educational benefits.

On Friday March 9th we paired mentors and mentees and both sets of guys loved it. We’re looking forward to our next get together which will have more of a sit down component as we get the fellows more acquainted with the educational and theoretical side of nature. It will still be Outdoors though (of course) …. any suggestions?!

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