2013 Virginia State Park Ambassador Summits

In 2013, Virginia State Parks will partner with Outdoor Nation and America's State Parks to host three Summits in parks across the state!






These summits are directly involved with the American State Parks' Ambassador Program which was designed and developed through American State Parks as a way to target and attract young adults (ages 18-28) and to encourage their direct personal involvement in activities in state parks across the country. The Ambassador Program, still in its infancy, has spread to all 50 states, and has potential to attract many thousands of young adults interested in safe and healthy outdoor experiences while building the next generation of outdoor leaders!

This summer, Virginia State Parks will host three summits in different regions of the Commonwealth.

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The three-day Summits will bring together more than 150 millennial leaders to connect with local peers, identify the most pressing regional outdoor issues, discuss and develop strategies and solutions, receive leadership training and ultimately commit to taking action – together.

And, of course, the delegates will have fun too! With top trainers, facilitators and world-class speakers, Joe Elton, the Virginia State Park Director indicates, “Our parks will ensure delegates experience a meaningful leadership development program that provides the resources, information, and access that they need to become outdoor champions and community leaders.”

During the Summits, participants will get together, discuss the things that are important to the environment, learn from their peers and come up with ideas to overcome the challenges young people face getting outdoors. Whether the barrier is access to information, a lack of knowledge about how to have fun outdoors, or safe outdoor recreational areas, we pull all of our creative ideas together and come up with a workable solution.

There will be ton of things to do. As part of this can’t miss weekend, you also get the chance to spend some quality and well-deserved time outdoors because each summit will include an overnight camp out in some of the coolest state parks around! Good conversation is sure to be had during the campfire conversation and evening activities.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 28, want to be part of a millennial-led movement that is working to champion outdoor issues on campuses and in communities across Virginia and the country and look forward to meeting people just like you, who are decision makers and leaders that want to inspire others to get outside, then REGISTER TODAY!

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**The Summit is basically free. Summit delegates are responsible for their own travel to and from the Summit. Outdoor Nation will of course provide food and all necessary materials for all delegates during the Summit.

**The first two summits will take place Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. The third Summit will take place in August, Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening. Those individuals plus invited individuals from the first two sessions will participate in a musical celebration presented by the Virginia Museum of Radio Entertainment (VMRE), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on engaging young adults on music and green initiatives.  The VMRE will present an evening with Dark Star Orchestra, allowing participants to view the process of presenting a public performance in Pocahontas State Park’s historic Heritage Amphitheater.






**The VMRE features a wide variety of great music at several different venues in the Richmond area.  Artists who performed in 2012 included Lynyrd Skynyrd, Willie Nelson, Dark Star Orchestra, Darius Rucker, Foreigner, The Yardbirds, Riders in the Sky, and The Quebe Sisters Band.  In addition, The VMRE works closely with Virginia State Parks and with The Virginia Association for Parks to develop educational programs for youth.  To learn more about The VMRE's mission and programs, visit www.vmre.org.

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